Born in Brooklyn, New York, I am very much a city girl — and from a very young age, I fell in love with the arts. An avid reader, and natural performer, I knew I would someday choose to devote myself entirely to literature and acting.
I am actor, writer, teacher. And storyteller. That story may be as practical as a marketing video, or as colorful as a children’s classic. Audio books, audio tours, industrials, web videos, documentaries and podcasts.
I have a stage background, having spent some years off-Broadway, highlighted by a two-year stint with the Light Opera Company of Manhattan, performing Gilbert and Sullivan in repertory. I have also had the good fortune to have studied with and alongside Olympia Dukakis and Joan Allen.
In addition to my voice over work, I am very involved in education, having spent some years teaching, and have helped develop tools to assist teachers in bringing literature to life. My recent collaboration with accomplished Canadian actor Robert Jadah on actingitout.com comes of this dedication, for which we have won the 2009 Voicey Award for Best Voice Team. I also run live workshops and performances for schools, with programs ranging from Native American folk tales to Shakespeare.
I have also done work for RFB&D in Princeton, NJ, recording textbooks for the blind — and co-created HearTheBill.org, featuring a free downloadable audiobook of the health care reform bills while they were being debated, as a public service.
I love it all.
And it sounds like it.
Represented in NY by Voice Talent Productions.
Phone: 631.332.9550
Email: erik@voicetalentproductions.com
or directly:
Phone: 201.819.6405
Email: dbhavens@me.com

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